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NCCO Air Purifier for the Pathology Laboratory
Say NO to Toxic Gases and Odours

  • Pathologists and technicians take samples from a variety of organs, tissues, blood and other fluids every day. They are not only heavily irritated with tears from their eyes, also facing the risks
  • Common reagents used routinely are formalin, xylene, DAB which have a pungent odours and also are toxic to the human body
  • Alcohol, acetone and other offensive fluids that give off irritating odours which pollute air in our environment

NCCO Air Purifier

  • Five-layer of treatment system, remove pollutants continuously
  • Decomposition of aldehydes, benzene, phenols, alcohols and other harmful gases
  • Reaction materials will not be consumed and recyclable
  • NO further consumables required, thus NO additional expenditure

Product information:

Item No 310-400 310-801
Model WB-EC400 (Ceiling Type) WB-RA801 (Mobile Type)
Product Name Wexis B-Mola WB-EC400 (Ceiling) Wexis B-Mola WB-RA801 (Mobile)
Dimensions 580*580*215(mm) 637*284*261(mm)
Weight 21kg 11.6kg
Line-in (Voltage) AC220V~240V AC220V~240V
Power Rating 60-80W 60-100W
Processing Area 20-30㎡ 10-20㎡

Package Details

Package details (PDF version) is now available

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