Wexis Group Limited specializes in histo-pathology laboratory instruments, consumables and reagents. Our highly modernized enterprise offers sophisticated high-end technological services and innovations in histological instrumentations and products, with emphasis on R&D, manufacture and marketing.

Our values are “Innovation, Prestige, Quality & Intergrity”.

We aim to achieve our goals of always providing cutting edge premium technologies in medical equipment, constantly innovating high-end quality products in an ever changing market and providing efficient and constant customer services to all our customers.

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Nov 2015- 21st congress of Chinese Society of Pathology in Yunnan

Sep 2015-9th Annual Meeting of Chinese Pathologist Association in Nanning

Nov 2014-Pathology Annual Meeting in Chongqing

Jan 2014-Arab Health 2014

The Breakthrough on Fixatives supply…

Tissue Fixative

Offering benefits to both the laboratories in medicine and the changing face of economic markets, Wexis Group provides by offering high quality, professional yet affordable products.
With its main focus in histo-pathology, catering the increasing demand on environmental health and reagent quality control, we release the 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin in different bottle sizes which caters different demands and offers ease of use…more..

Our Hitso-Lab Small Appliances Series

Our lastest release of duo function FL220 Floatation/Drying Wrokstation and DR230 Slide Drying Hotplate both come with more features than any model currently available in the market.

-latest technology.
-modern design.
-safe and efficient…

and more

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